MIAKAT™ is a fully quantitative suite of analysis tools for PET neuroimaging data bringing together state of the art tools in a single user friendly software environment making it straightforward for novice or advanced imaging scientists to efficiently and accurately analyse their data. The software includes functionality for motion correction of dynamic image sequences, neuoranatomical parcellation of regions of interest (ROIs), blood/plasma input function modelling and tracer kinetic modelling for regional or parametric image analyses.

MIAKAT™ is implemented in MATLAB™, and has a central graphical user interface that facilitates “point and click” operation, so that users can concentrate on their data without needing to learn how to use MATLAB™ or other tools. Users can run preconfigured standard analysis workflows, or bespoke pipelines and processes to suit their needs. The software is distributed as MATLAB™ m-code, enabling users to understand and interact with the software at any level. MIAKAT™ is free for non-commercial use (see the Download page for licence details).

The workflow framework that is central to the MIAKAT™ implementation allows the user to configure an analysis pipeline for a given research study, and then simply replicate that analysis for each dataset, with minimal human interaction except for the final quality control of the analysis process.  MIAKAT™ is designed to be:

        Accessible – easy to use with a graphical user interface
        Powerful – advanced functionality for end-to-end analysis of dynamic PET imaging data
        Flexible – myriad options within standard workflows, plus facility for user-extensibility
        Robust – reproducible analysis workflow with audit trail ensures consistency and quality

The standard brain pipeline configurations implemented in MIAKAT™ take the primary experimental data (dynamic PET and structural MR images, along with ancillary data such as arterial blood measurements) and perform a sequence of processes which ultimately produce results in the form of regional (or voxel-wise) parameters extracted via a comprehensive set of modelling techniques. MIAKAT™ combines in-house code with wrappers for FSL and SPM commands in order to provide start of the art functionality within a coherent framework. MIAKAT™ contains functionality for:

For further details please see the documentation, and example screenshots below.

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